Product Install: Summit Pro Seat

Published in the January 2019 Issue March 2019 Product Tests

If you want your Ski-Doo Summit seat to be just a little lower, shorter, narrower and lighter, you may want to consider the Summit Pro Seat (Forty 7C Performance Seat developed by Carl Kuster).

The Summit Pro Seat is a very easy install requiring no tools. Removing the stock seat is just a matter of reaching up under the front of the seat and pulling a thin latch slightly up to allow the posts to slide out from their locking position. Then you push the seat toward the rear and lift up. Mere seconds.

To install the Pro Seat, you just position the seat slightly back, push the posts into the mounting positions and slide the seat forward until it locks in place. If you go to Ski-Doos website for instructions, you will follow the instructions for an “earless” seat.

The Pro Seat is 1.5 inches shorter, 1.5 inches lower, 1 inch narrower and slightly lighter (nothing to write home about). It is designed to keep you a little lower on the snowmobile and to allow you to slide from one side to the other a little easier. It is designed to improve the ride in mountainous terrain.

Price: $299.99.

For more information visit

Stock Summit seat.

Summit Pro Seat.

When we put a level on it, we could see how much lower profile the Summit Pro Seat is.

Simply put your hand in the front and lift the mounting latch to allow the seat to slide back and off.

Now you have a slimmer, lower, shorter and lighter seat for mountain riding.

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