Product Install: HPS Lightweight Silencer

Published in the November 2018 Issue July 2019 Product Tests Steve Janes


1. Remove the side panels and hood. The two side panels are each connected with three latches. Undo the latches and then simply lift and remove. The hood has six T25 torque bolts—two on the front by the edge of the side panels, two on the top by the glove box, and two located under the gauge housing. You need to remove the first four bolts, then remove the gauge housing to get access to the last two bolts. Also, you can pull out the glove box during this process. You will need to disconnect the gauge wiring harness. With the gauge housing removed, you will have three more wire plugs to disconnect—two on the lights and one on the air box sensor. (You will want to take these wiring harnesses and tuck them out of your way by wrapping them around the throttle/brake cables on the steering post.) Once you remove the final two bolts, you will also need to loosen the air box clamp located above the clutches under your hood. Now the entire hood will pull forward and out.

2. Remove the stock silencer. First you need to pull off the heat shield that attaches to the pipe and silencer. Then disconnect the two springs and spring-loaded bolt that hold the silencer in position. You will also want to unplug the EGT sensor connection. Now the silencer will lift straight out.

3. With the silencer removed, remove the heat probe from the stock silencer (it will have a lock washer with tabs that will need to bend up so you can get a wrench on the nut). The lock washer and heat probe will later be inserted in the HPS Silencer during Step 4. Also remove two of the rubber tabs and the spring-loaded bolt sleeve and install them on the HPS Silencer.

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