Product Test: Caliber Sled Wheels

Great way to move your sled across pavement

April 2018 Product Tests Steve Janes

            The trouble with most ski wheels is that any change in the surface is almost certain to scrape the wheels off from under the skis—which means you’re constantly stopping to re-attach the wheels if you’re moving your sled any distance at all.

            Caliber has designed a Sled Wheels Assembly Kit that is easy to attach to the skis and designed to stay attached regardless of the surface and distance you’re moving your snowmobile.

            The kit is fairly basic to assemble … and once complete makes driving your snowmobile across your driveway and even down the road an easy task.

            In a nutshell, the Caliber Ski Wheels make up of two bars that slip under the bottom edge of the skis and provides you with enough leverage to lift your skis off the ground and slide the wheels in place. Once you have the wheels where you want them, the tip of the bar latches with the loop of your ski. Now your wheels are secure and will not slip off the skis.

Assembly Process

            The thing we noticed first was that there are not a lot of parts … and if you make any kind of mistake during the process, it’s relatively simple to backup and correct your error. In fact, the first error we made was to not separate the T-Handle from the Wheel Assembly. But early on we realized that doing this would make the process a little easier.

1)    Paint the tips of the bolts with Vibratite and allow to dry for five minutes.

2)     Attach the wheels to the wheel arms. Make sure you measure the width of your skis and adjust the width of your wheels to be slightly wider.

3)     Attach T-Handle to wheel arms (The T-Handle is grooved so there isn’t too many ways it can go on. Just make sure both sides are at the same angle.)

4)     Slide the Saddle/Latch Assembly on the Telescoping Handle. (There are channels in the T-Handle where you need to insert a bolt in order to adjust your Telescoping Handle.)

5)     Adjust your Telescoping Handle and your Saddle/Latch to fit your ski/ski tip so it will lift and attach to your ski. (Make sure the ski lifts parallel to the ground for proper balance.)

6)     You are ready to drive your sled down the driveway or road. It is recommended that you don’t exceed 12 mph.



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