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Ramp eliminates the need to tow

September 2017 Product Tests Steve Janes


            Snowmobiling is not a cheap sport. The price of a new snowmobile starts over $10,000. And if you’re going to haul the sled anywhere you could be spending another $10,000-$20,000 for a trailer … not to mention a heavy-duty truck to tow it with.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just throw your sled in the back of your pickup and head to the mountains?

            Well, although Caliber Products makes all the right accessories for your snowmobile trailer, it also makes one of the handiest snowmobile ramps of the market for those who just want to throw their sled in the back of their trucks.

            The Ramp Pro is a universal ramp that is perfect for snowmobiles … but accommodates ATVs, golf carts and about anything else you need to load in the back of your truck. The editors of SnoWest tested the Ramp Pro this past season and were impressed on how well engineered the ramp was.

            This is an easy simple ramp. It comes completely installed. We took it out of its packaging and put it right to use. Almost immediately we noticed simple features that worked great.

            For example, there are rubber grippers attached to the contact points of the ramp—where the ramp comes in contact with the truck bed, and where it contacts the ground. This keeps the ramp from moving around or slipping off. Caliber also includes a Retrax Self Retracting Ratchet Strap that can secure the ramp to your vehicle.

            Also, the surface area of the ramp features Low Pro Grip Glides that not only provide an easy glide surface for snowmobile skis, but it also provides an grip for your ATV tires so they don’t spin out. You can stop on the ramp, and then continue to crawl your ATV into the back of your truck. These grips also come in hand for walking up and down the ramp.

            We liked how the ramp folds down from its 52-inch width to a 26-inch width. And once folded, there is a pin that will secure the wings from opening while you’re moving or storing the ramp. It’s a slick, simple feature that works.

The Ramp Pro is 52-inchs wide and 90-inches long, providing a comfortable loading angle. It is rated to handle 1,500 pounds and comes with Caliber's lifetime warranty. It retails for $399.95. For more information contact


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