Combining Visibility and Protection

Scott LCG goggles feature state-of-the-art technology

September 2017 Product Tests Steve Janes


            Seeing is believing. And when it comes to snowmobiling in extreme terrain, believe me you want to be able to see. That’s why snowmobile goggles play a critical role in the enjoyment of snowmobiling.

            This past winter the editors of SnoWest Magazine had a chance to test the Scott LCG Snow Cross goggle. It’s truly amazing how far goggle technology has come in recent years. Just a few years back a goggle consisted of a lens wrapped in plastic, foam and a strap that secured it to your face. Now every feature of the goggle is made with a specific purpose to either fit comfortably or maintain a fog-free clear lens.

            The Scott LCG Snow Cross goggle is all about vision adaptability. With features like the interchangeable lens and the Fit Systems, riders can fully adapt their vision.

            Although several other goggle manufacturers feature interchangeable lens, the simplicity and function of the Scott goggle impressed us. It takes little time and effort to pop one lens off and exchange it for another. Thanks to its portable low-profile molded lens case, it’s easy to always have a second lens—basically a second goggle—in your pocket and ready to go.

            The Scott LCG features three-layer molded face foam that can be adjusted to conform to the shape of your face for a perfect fit. (Ours was left in setting 1 and fit perfectly.) Scott also features Spherical OptiView double lens that are clear and provide a wide field of vision. With Scott’s Air Control System (with vents on top, bottom and on the front) coupled with the NoFog lens treatment, the goggle was always clear … even when there was a lot of moisture in the air.

These European manufactured lenses are made of polycarbonate ensuring comfort and high impact resistance. Scott’s proprietary injection molding process and hardcoat treatment guarantees that every OptiView lens is optically correct and distortion free.

A spare lens and low-profile molded case is included (so you can always have a bright light and low light lens with you). The SCG Snow Cross also features the LCG facemask (nose protector) which is made of a soft, flexible material that easily conforms to most helmets.

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