Product Test: TKI Belt Drive

Published in the June 2017 Issue June 2017 Product Tests Viewed 1701 time(s)

Snowmobile belt drive systems have been around for several years but have really received attention once Polaris began installing them on stock sleds. So last year the editors of SnoWest decided to try a belt drive on their project Ski-Doo.

            The advantages of a belt drive may seem small—less rotating mass (with the removal of the chain) and quick response. But when you combine the performance gain with weight loss, then western riders begin to take notice.

            Last year we installed a TKI Belt Drive system on a Ski-Doo. The subtle improvement in performance and response spoke volumes.

            The beauty of a TKI Belt Drive system is that it doesn’t require any modification to OEM parts. It’s a simple bolt on assembly that allows multiple gear rations to match your riding style.

            For Ski-Doo, you save 6.5 pounds and the system retails for $799. For Cat, you save 9.5 pounds and it retails for $899. The kits are also available with options for spare top gear and spare belt.

            For more information contact

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