Product Test: SLP Mohawk Ski

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The concept of a “hybrid” is to take the best parts from one thing and cross it with the best parts from another. For the Starting Line Products’ Mohawk ski, SLP molded the center keel design of its Straight Line Tracking ski with the powder wing and vertical side walls from its Powder Pro ski.

            The combination makes the Mohawk better suited for all snow conditions. It is nearly an inch wider than the Powder pro, yet more flexibility than both the SLT and Powder Pro, allowing it to absorb bumps and impacts better and act as part of the front end's suspension. It is perfect for trail, crossover and mountain riders who want flotation, aggressive bite and predictability on the new rider forward chassis.

            Last winter when the editors of SnoWest built their Ski-Doo project sled, it was important to have a set of skis that could handle more power in severe terrain. The Mohawks proved to be perfect for the task.

The Mohawk features a new grab handle that is extremely resilient and flexible. The loop can be bent, twisted, pulled on and ran over and it will spring back to its original shape. 

The Mohawk has aggressive traction ridges on top of the ski for stepping onto when you're climbing out of a hole or moving around on the sled.

            The build-your-own design can cost between $500-$625 depending on your selection of the base, loop, mount and carbides. For more information contact

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