Product Review: Klim Oculus Goggle

June 2017 Product Tests Steve Janes Viewed 1323 time(s)

            Once you find a good set of goggles, you protect them with your life. Because we all know that the right goggle makes the snowmobiling experience so much better … or perhaps it’s the wrong goggle that make the experience so much worse.

            Klim has developed a new goggle that not only enhances your riding experience, but allows you the versatility of having access to multiple lenses without packing multiple goggles. The Oculus goggle not only works great, but features a quick lenses change system that allows you to go from low light to high light conditions quickly.

            The SnoWest crew has had a chance to see the goggle and to experience the ease of changing out the lenses … which is much easier than any other system we’ve ever tried before. Its vision-enhancing features are strictly engineered to provide riders the tools to improve their vision in any condition and the most dramatic light changes imaginable.

Klim’s Slide-Lock technology is quickly and easily change. So rather than packing multiple goggles, you merely have to carry an extra lenses or two to ensure you have the right lenses for all light conditions. Each Oculus goggle kit comes with two lenses (a high and low-light version) and adding a third, optional lens to your kit is easy.

Each Oculus series lens is a system of its own, incorporating the latest anti-fogging technologies such as unparalleled air circulation, massive internal air volume and the Klim Clear anti-fog treatment. The optically correct spherical lens shape provides unprecedented peripheral vision and clarity. The dual-lens system features a robust, scratch resistant polycarbonate outer lens and CP internal lens for better fog and moisture control.

The Oculus is available four colors and retails for $179.99. For more information contact


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