IN DEPTH: 2018 Arctic Cat M8000 Sno Pro

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The 2018 Sno Pro might look very similar, we assure you, it’s not.

It’s easy to hate on something until you’ve tried it. We’ve all done it. Snowbikes seem lame until you rip through the trees on one. Yamahas seem useless until you grab a handful of big boost 4 stroke power. Arctic Cat has been the pedestal for a lot of bashing over the past few years due to their sleds seeming like they are “behind the times” while the Arctic Cat die-hards raved about them and secretly knew their full potential.

Over the past few years Arctic Cat has been improving their sleds by leaps and bounds. The 2016 Arctic Cat felt like a completely new sled over the 2015 even though it looked pretty much identical. The small changes they did on that sled completely transformed how it handled. The new 2018 Sno Pro is no different.

The 18 Sno Pro is a far cry from it's predecessors. It begs to be pushed on the steepest sidehills.

While the 2018 Sno Pro might look very similar, we assure you, it’s not. The new body work feels very modern and works incredibly well in the mountains. Being 10% narrower you can cling to a hill much better, and it just feels like you’re riding a modern sled when you look down. 

There is a lot going on with this 2018 Sno Pro that isn’t being talked about.  Small changes that make a world of difference. Every little change from the new clutching, narrowed boards, revised suspension geometry, narrow plastics, and of course the all-new DSI 800 C-Tec 2 engine. They all work in unison to create the absolute best out of the box mountain sled Arctic Cat has ever put their name on.

Let's dive into what makes this newly redesigned Sno Pro one of the top contenders for the 2018 Mountain Segment.

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