Product Review: Crusher Sled Saver Recovery Strap

December 2016 Product Tests Taylor Fisk

SnoWest Tested

We put the Crusher Sled Saver Recovery Strap to good use

What the heck is it? 

The Sled Saver by Crusher Products is a purpose built 15' long snowmobile recovery strap. It’s designed to be easily packable on todays modern sleds with minimal storage. 

How bad will it hurt my wallet?

Sled saver retails for a mere $20. Minimal impact on the gas fund!

How do I buy it?

Order at

What’s it do?

Sled saver makes towing a dead sled or recovering a sled from a sticky situation much easier.

What Stands out?

Our favorite features of this product have got to be the low price point, and the easily packable carrying case it comes with. No more frozen and tangled ropes!

Where does it fall short?

It can be a little tricky rigging the Sled Saver up in scenarios where rope or mule-tape can offer more versatility such as keeping broken suspension parts together.

What’s The Verdict?

Honestly, there’s not much you can buy in this industry for $20 that actually serves a purpose. For that $20 you get an 8000 lb. capacity tow strap with built in handles for pulling on sleds and a hook with a latch to keep the strap securely locked into place. The bag it comes in fits perfectly in your sleds storage so it can stay there and out of the way until you need it! 

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