Stuckmate Product Review

Remote throttle for independent snowmobilers

June 2016 Product Tests Steve Janes Viewed 6019 time(s)

Snowmobilers are an independent breed. Sometimes they are so independent that when they become stuck in deep snow, there’s nobody around to pull on a ski. This is where Stuckmate comes into play.

Stuckmate is a product designed to allow a snowmobiler to do two things at once—work the throttle while pulling on the ski. Its design allows it to work on any snowmobile. It hooks up quickly and simply. And it weighs less than a pound.

It comes with a laminated instruction card that walks you through the entire process. First, you attach the throttle clamp to the handlebar of the snowmobile. Make certain the throttle cable has enough slack so your engine can idle.

Next, attach the throttle trigger tether to your wrist. You don’t want a runaway snowmobile if you happen to lose your grip on the throttle control.

Now, position yourself so that you can pull your front ski while you trigger your throttle. Make certain you’re not standing in the path of the snowmobile when it pops out of its hole.

As you can see by our photos, it’s a very easy and basic process. For those with keen eyesight, yes, we are standing on hardpack snow. We received our Stuckmate this spring and wanted to get some photos and test its features.

We literally had to break through the crusty snow in order to spin the track into a hole. But it did give us a chance to demonstrate the process. And the process works exactly how it is marketed.

So if you are part of that independent breed that wants to be able to get yourself out of trouble when nobody else is around, you certainly want to have Stuckmate with your snowmobile. It retails for about $70.

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