RSI Heated Handlebar Grips Product Review

Get a grip, keep it warm

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Heated handlebar grips on a snowmobile are so commonplace today that it’s hard to envision a snowmobile without them. They are stock features on any new snowmobile sold. And frankly, OEM heated handlebar grips are as good as anything on the market.          

Why would you ever think of replacing them?      

Well, here are three quick reasons: first, sometimes you find the need of replacing your handlebars, either out of necessity (read bent them beyond repair) or design (you like a different feel for the shape, height or width).     

Second, you may have a preference in the actual handlebar grip … and removal of the old grip may cause damage to your heating element. The third reason is that every now and then the OEM grip either malfunctions or doesn’t heat as well as you would like.      

Whatever reason you choose, it’s nice to know that RSI Racing offers a quality grip heater for installation.


Actually, RSI offers about anything you need for your handlebars … including handlebars.         

When we looked to make some changes to our handlebars on a recent project sled, the first place we looked was at RSI to find the right grip to go with our new bars. The one piece 7-inch grip featured an ultra tacky diamond surface that is both soft and comfortable. It is designed to be compatible with hand warmers. 

The 7-inch grip is long enough to fit on a standard or short hook bar styles. They retail for $19.95.       

The RSI heater element that will also fit OEM stock handlebars and sold specific to brand to fit the wiring terminals, feature a high-power heating element that will keep your grip warm on the coldest days.        

It will work on both metal and aluminum bars. It comes with a 3M PSA adhesive backing for easy installation. It also comes in a 2-wire or 3-wire configuration. It retails for $59.95 for a set.     

Finally, if you want to ensure a strong attachment to your handlebars, RSI makes a super strong grip adhesive that is heat resistant up to 250 degrees F (we cook roasts at lower temperatures than that).      

It is flexible, tough and vibration resistant. It retails for $9.95.        

Most RSI parts are made in the U.S. For more information, contact

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