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Some product installations are done to improve performance, others are done to enhance appearance and still others are done out of necessity.

We installed a Skinz Protective Gear rear bumper to our Polaris 600 Pro RMK out of necessity … but we think it actually improved function and appearance.

If there are three complaints we have about the Polaris RMK rear bumper, they are: first, not really user-friendly (the straight bar is okay if you’re lifting straight up … but if you’re going to lift up and move over, it can pinch your hand); second, it’s not durable (it’s easy to snap the bumper in the middle, especially if you make the mistake of trying to tow with it); and finally, the hard edge has left gouges on the inside walls of our trailer (not necessarily the machine’s fault, more the fault of the gorillas who throw the rear end against the side of the trailer in an effort to make room for the fifth sled in a 4-place trailer).

Long story short—we snapped the bumper in the middle, making it useless and requiring a replacement. Rather than install another stock bumper, we decided to go to the Skinz rear bumper. Good choice.

First, the simplicity of changing bumpers made it a fun, easy job. It required very few tools (a couple of wrenches, a drill and rivet gun), so we were able to complete the job in about 20 minutes (and that included 15 minutes of double-checking what we were doing to make certain it was correct).

Removing the stock bumper takes just a couple of minutes and involves only removing four bolts and the side red reflective plastic.

Even the instructions on the Skinz installation kit was simple. First, remove old bumper; second, drill six holes and install bolts (three per side); third, drill four holes (two per side) and install rivets.

The Skinz bumper isn’t straight like the stock bumper. It has an uplift that allows you a place to grab hold, even when the snow flap is pushed up against it when you’re buried in your own trench.

It’s also a durable bumper that won’t break when under stress (that’s why we’re replacing the stock bumper). And it’s an attractive bumper. It just looks natural on the sled and it doesn’t have the sharp edge that will dig into the side of a trailer if it makes contact with the inside wall.

Skinz does a great job of making a quality product for a reasonable price ($155 for the rear bumper). Skinz makes front bumpers along with a full array of aftermarket parts for snowmobiles.

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