Duraflex Ice Scratcher Review

Simple fix for keeping slides lubricated

May 2016 Product Tests Steve Janes Viewed 3546 time(s)

Ice scratchers are lifesavers on cold mornings when the trail is rock-hard. They are the only means you have of creating enough snowdust to lubricate your slide rails and provide some cooling to your heat exchangers.

But the problem with the scratchers is that you forget about them … that is until you need to put your snowmobile in reverse. Then you end up having to replace them because they are designed to only work in one direction—which isn’t reverse.

Until Duraflex.

The Duraflex steel cable-design scratchers do not discriminate between forward or backward. They work effectively regardless of the direction the snowmobile is traveling. In fact, if you choose, you can leave them down in the working position permanently. They just work.

The design of the Duraflex scratcher is very simple. And installation is easily as simple—one bolt per side that only takes all of a couple minutes to install.

So there is no need to be constantly concerned about breaking your scratchers. Duraflex solves your problem.

For more information call Between the Lines Designs at (208) 868-3308.

You will notice that some of these photos have the Duraflex scratcher on, a few don’t. It’s easy to note which rails tend to have a consistent build-up of snow and ice.

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