Motorfist Blitzkrieg Review

This one-piece suit beats winter elements

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The old adage “those who don’t like (fill in the blank) have never tried them” tends to work when referencing one-piece snowmobile suits. But since the seventies, when one-piece suits ruled winter, the two-piece suit became the norm—literally driving the one-piece suit to the brink of extinction.

But things are changing. Here and there snowmobilers are looking for something different and snowmobile clothing manufacturers are delivering. New in the Motorfist clothing line for this fall will be the Blitzkrieg one-piece snowmobile suit.

Motorfist may not have been the first, but it certainly researched the snowmobile industry and designed a one-piece suite specific for the vigorous requirements of the sport. In February we got to test out the Blitzkrieg to see how it performs in mountain riding conditions where temperatures can change more than 40 degrees F during the course of several hours due to heat inversions from the valley floor to the higher elevations.

We found the Blitzkrieg could not only handle the cold … but could deal with the warm as body heat builds when bucking deep snow in steep terrain. With six well-placed zipper vents, it was easy to regulate how much warmth you wanted to keep in and how much cold you wanted to keep out.

The Motorfist Blitzkrieg suit features an eVent outershell with taped seams to keep you dry. It’s a breathable suit that is both water and wind proof.

A moisture-wicking liner with fleece-lined sleeves provides a comfortable fit. Thanks to its interior adjustable suspenders, the Blitzkrieg hangs comfortably on your body, allowing you to adjust the bottom half to match the length of your legs … which is helpful for those of us who are not 6-foot-2, 175-lb. body types.

The one-piece suit features six zippered cooling vents—two in front below the arms, two in the back and off to the side to avoid being covered by a backpack and two down the inside seams of your legs.

All the other features, including multiple pockets, boot gators, hood, etc., are also found on the Blitzkrieg. For more information contact Motorfist at

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