Flambeau Heated Glove Review

Warm hands make better snowmobiling

April 2016 Product Tests Steve Janes Viewed 2309 time(s)

Extreme snowmobilers have learned the lighter the gloves, the better the control of the snowmobile. However, most rides start early, end late and involve a long section of trail where the wind chill can get extreme and the hands can freeze.

We found a solution for this stage of the ride: the Flambeau Outdoors Heated Gloves. These gauntlet-style gloves are all-outdoor, waterproof and with a breathable liner … with four hours of instant heat.

So how do these gloves work?

Well, unlike other gloves that will protect your hands from the elements … where the only warmth provided is from your own body temperature, the Flambeau gloves literally provide the heat inside the glove.

And if you are one of many who have poor blood circulation in your extremities, it’s nice to have this jumpstart on the heat to allow your hands to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The Flambeau gloves feature heating elements on the palm and front of the fingers that allow your hands to stay heated, including the finger tips which usually get cold first.

The gloves also feature two rechargeable 3.7-volt Lithium-ion batteries with high/low/off switches, each one fitting into the wrist area of the gauntlet to allow the rider to control the level of heat. The gloves come with a charger that has two outlet plugs to recharge both batteries at the same time. Gloves come in sizes Small to XL.

We found that these heated gloves are a perfect way to start and finish a ride on the coldest section of the trail, before you gain elevation and enter terrain which requires you to move to a thinner, more functional glove where you’re working more and wind chill isn’t a factor. There are also times during the ride, perhaps when you stop to rest, where the temperature near your finger tips starts to drop. Again, it just takes a few minutes with the heated gloves to get the blood circulating throughout your fingers.

The Flambeau gloves provide much more warmth than your standard thick glove for cold riding. Our hands didn’t get cold—even the top of the fingers that don’t get the benefit of the heated grips.

Keeping your fingers warm are just one key to an enjoyable ride. The heated glove is the perfect solution for that extra pair of gloves you pack during the winter. The gloves retail for $129.99. For more information, go to www.flambeauoutdoors.com.

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