C&A Pro MTX Skis Review

C&A Skis put the drive in charge of the sled

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For years researchers have study genetic reasons why men want to be in control of things such as the TV remote or driving the family car. Some have said that man’s DNA has a dominate gene designed to allow him to assert authority or take charge. Perhaps it’s the hunter/gatherer element in man that categorizes taking control as part of the hunter function.

But whether there’s a natural physiological substance that causes this, one thing is certain—man wants to control his destiny.

This is also true when it comes to snowmobiling.

True, many of us follow trails. But we follow trails in our own way and at our own pace. When we want to turn, we expect our snowmobile to respond accordingly and without vacillation. Perhaps that’s why some snowmobilers have chosen the C&A Pro Ski.

This past season we took a set of C&A Pro MTX Skis and installed them on our Arctic Cat XF 800 Sno Pro. We’ve used the regular trail version of the C&A Pro skis in the past with mixed results. This year we thought we’d give the mountain version of the ski a go.

Wow. It was like taking control of the remote.

The C&A skis created such a positive force in control that you felt like you were on a rail going through high-speed turns. The ski’s square outboard double keel creates a solid edge that penetrates into packed snow. Its 8-inch ski width carries you over powder while still providing positive steering through the snow.

Throughout the season, on hard trails or across open meadows, the ski created a confident front-end control that made the snowmobile responsive to the rider. It allowed the rider to be more aggressive in extreme terrain without fear that the front end might wash out or lose its edge. This allowed the XF 800 Sno Pro to bridge the gap from a crossover sled to a competent mountain sled.

What a difference a set of skis make.

For more information on the MTX skis, contact C&A Pro at www.caproskis.com or (888) 321-6789.

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