Removable Hand Protection

Published in the November 2015 Issue November 2015 Product Tests

Perhaps one of the most common problems with snowmobiling is starting out the day with cold hands. For whatever reason, it seems difficult to get the blood circulating in the fingers when you first start out on the trail. And the chill of the wind on the back of the hands just compounds the problem.

The simplest solution to this is installing hand guards.

However, about the first time you get stuck and need to roll your sled out of the hole, you’re afraid your hand guards will get hung up and break. Now your dilemma is whether you risk breaking your hand guards or working harder to get your sled unstuck by not rolling it out of its hole.

There are those who avoid this dilemma by not installing hand guards so they can roll their sleds when the occasion calls. Others have installed hand guards but never roll their sleds for fear the guards will break.

Yet there are some of us who have installed hand guards and usually finish the ride with one or both broken off by the end of the day. (We’re the ones who have mismatched hand guards because we’ve broken so many off that we’re used to replacing the broken ones with whatever is lying around the shop.)

PowerMadd has addressed this problem by designing a set of hand guards that are not bolted on nor do they contain breakable parts. The PowerMadd SG1 is a hand guard design that literally Velcros into place. It’s a two-step process where you strap a cylinder-shaped foam pad on your handle bars and then attach the hand guard piece to the cylinder. It’s easy on, easy off.

The only challenge we found is things like the brake and kill switch tends to be right where you need to attach the hand guard cylinder. You may need to do some relocating of the kill switch and modifying of the hand guard cylinder (it’s made of foam and designed with pie-shape wedges which can easily be removed).

PowerMadd’s installation instructions actually make sense and can be easily followed. It’s really that simple. The results: no more cold hands in the morning.

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