How Can-Am Dresses for the Mud

Published in the May 2014 Issue White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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During the media event introducing its 2014 ATVs and side-by-sides, Can-Am brought along a handful of decked-out vehicles with all sorts of accessories.

Two of our favorites were a Can-Am Outlander 800R set up for mud riding and Commander 1000 XT, complete with, among a plethora of accessories, a track kit, which we also headed straight for the closest mud hole with.

Hey, we like to play in the mud. The Commander 1000 XT definitely went through even the deepest of mud holes we could find on the Hilltown Riders OHV Club trails near Albany, NY.

Along with the track kit, this Commander was decked out with a sport roof, glass windshield, extreme front bumper, light rack, HID Lights (by Hella) and tonneau cover, among other accessories.

It was quite impressive not only how the Commander 1000 XT looked draped in all those accessories, but how it traversed the trails and mud. We’ve shown pictures of that decked-out Commander on the Dirt Toys Facebook page as well as on www.dirttoysmag. com. With the number of hits and likes the pictures got, it appears lots of other off-roaders were impressed—or at least curious—as well.

We spent more time on the Can-Am Outlander 800, which was accessorized with four main products: a snorkel kit, radiator relocator kit, Zilla tires by Maxxis and lockout rims by Vision.
Combined, those accessories make a nice mud package. Of course, many of you probably know Can-Am offers a stock mudder, the Outlander X mr, available with either a 650cc engine ($10,399) or 1000cc engine ($14,399).

The Outlander 800R has an MSRP of $6,799. The snorkel kit is $359.99, the radiator relocator kit also $359.99, front Zilla tires $174.99 (each), rear Zilla tires $189.99 (each) and lockout rims by Vision $94.99 (each). Do the math and that totals $8,628.90. As we found out, the mud-accessorized Outlander 800R was very capable of mudding.

Here are a few details on those accessories: Snorkel Kit – The kit includes an extended air intake and new extended CVT inlet and outlet exhaust that are integrated into the upper gauge pod cover.

Radiator Relocator Kit – This kit does just as its name implies—relocates the stock radiator. It relocates to a top mount position, getting it up and out of the mud to prevent any cooling performance loss while playing in the mud. The kit not only reuses the radiator but includes a support, necessary hardware and hoses. Zilla Tires by Maxxis – Both the front and rear Zilla tires are for 14-inch rims (in this case, the lockout rims by Vision).

The front tire is a 27x10 while the rear is a 27x12. The Vision rims include a matching cap and matching nuts. It was a bit of a trek to get to the best mud holes on the Hilltown Riders OHV Club trails with some tight, twisty sections of trail. We’re not going to claim the mudder-ized Outlander could rail on the trails but it was manageable. Where it really shines—especially with those Zilla Tires—is in the mud holes.

Adding those accessories is a fairly easy task even if you have moderate wrenching skills. You’ll want to be sure you check out Rick Sosebee’s in-depth article in this issue on how to set your own vehicle up for mudding.

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