White Out & Wide Open: Top 10 Reasons I Snowmobile

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(1) Appreciation.

You can’t snowmobile without an appreciation for nature. There’s something about being out in nature when everything is white and pure.

(2) Freedom.

There’s no other form of motorized recreation that allows you to go just about anywhere you want while leaving zero impact on the environment.

(3) Sensation.

There’s excitement in picking a line, grabbing the throttle and muscling your way up a steep mountain slope.

(4) Redemption.

Just like in life, sometimes you fail. On every ride you can encounter situations beyond your ability. You get stuck, you dig out. You try again and you move on.

(5) Challenge.

It’s you and machine vs. nature. And often you lose. But that doesn’t stop you from trying harder and learning how to adapt and overcome.

(6) Adrenaline.

It’s when you realize that what you’re attempting to do is not easy and comes with a certain risk factor … yet you’re still willing to face the adversary with full throttle.

(7) Camaraderie.

You ride in extreme conditions and extreme terrain. You are literally trusting your life to those you ride with. These are guys who will watch your back as you watch theirs. And you know they won’t leave you behind.

(8) Being alive.

While the rest of the world is choosing to sit this one out in the comforts of their nice warm homes, you are filling your life with memories to be recounted when the ride is over.

(9) Peace.

This is something you can truly experience while sitting on a remote mountaintop with the warm sun cutting the edge of the cold air as you see the world below you.

(10) Perspective.

You may not discover the meaning of life … but you can gain a greater understanding of what matters in life. There’s something about the cold sting of snow dust that awakens your awareness of how precious life is and how fortunate you are to be able to enjoy it in such a way.

White Out & Wide Open

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