Fiction Makes The Best Facts: Singing All The Way To The Global Warming Bank

Part five (and final) of a never-ending global warming nightmare

White Out & Wide Open—The Blog Steve Janes

Published online: Oct 29, 2014

White Out & Wide Open—The Blog

(ED--We’re going through our old blogs and reposting them so you can get a little taste of winter during these summer months.)     

For the past couple of weeks we’ve made light of the global warming topic … but only out of a since of sarcasm for the scam that’s cost billions in taxpayer dollars that have been laundered to environmental causes over the past decade.    

Our final segment (since it looks like there’s some snow starting to stack up in higher elevations) deals with the irony of the magnitude of the global warming hoax.     

Would you believe that your government paid $700,000 of your hard-earned tax dollars to a Brooklyn-based theater company to produce a Broadway musical about global warming?        

The musical The Great Immensity opened last April (a year behind schedule) and has pretty much bored everyone who wasted money on admission tickets. The National Science Foundation, who awarded the grant to The Civilians Inc. to produce the play, has noted its disappointment for the return of its investment. The attendance during the past five months has been about 5 percent of what was projected … and the critics are mocking the production with as equal disdain as I have been mocking the entire global warming premise.         

However, in covering its collective environmental asses, the NSF commented in a Fox News article that, “It’s too soon to tell if the grant funds were wasted.” (To anyone with any kind of intelligence … those funds were wasted about the time the check was signed.)          

“This particular project just concluded in August and the final report has not yet been submitted to NSF,” the Foundation told Fox News.

However, Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, said “the Great Immensity was a great mistake.” He said the use of taxpayer dollars to underwrite political advocacy “dressed up as a musical” was clearly a “dramatic debacle.”          

Perhaps the NSF should look at investing some of its easily obtained taxpayer dollars to some of the snowmobile film makers who produce action-packed DVDs based on the science of snowmobiling in deep mountain powder.   

Any grants awarded to Thunderstruck, 509, Boondockers, Winter Project and Slednecks would be money better spent on something that actually has to do with science and nature. And we’re sure these groups would be most gracious with even a fraction of the $700,000 wasted on a boring Broadway production … and they would actually meet deadline.

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