First Look: 2015 Polaris Snowmobiles

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Polaris celebrates its 60th anniversary with the 2015 model year, and has pulled the wraps off some all-new equipment. Polaris has set its sights on quality, rider control and terrain domination. 

New AXYS Chassis

The big news is the all-new AXYS platform, which replaces the PRO-Ride chassis for Rush and Rush Switchback models. And nine new models utilizing the AXYS chassis. The AXYS chassis is designed for rider-balanced control, unrivaled acceleration and rider-centric comfort. 

Rider-balanced control is aimed to give the rider flatter cornering without sacraficing fun, more precise handling in all conditions and better control in big and small bumps. 

The AXYS chassis puts the rider's hands 4.5 inches foward compared to the PRO-Ride. Feet are 2 inches forward, knees are 4.5 inches forward and the seat is 4.5 inches forward. This neutral position puts the rider in the center of the sled's balance point.

The AXYS also moves the vehicle mass to the center of the chassis, with a lightweight forged aluminum rear crank and a redesigned crank and pivot. The front torque arm was moved rearward to control pitch, increase travel and improve the rail profile. This new PRO-XC rear suspension delivers improved performance in all speeds and conditions. 

Improved acceleration comes from a 15 percent improvement in power-to-weight ratio. Select AXYS models are up to 38 pounds lighter than their predecessors. This allows for what Polaris claims is class-leading 0-60mph, quarter-mile and corner-to-corner acceleration.

New 800 H.O. Engine

Perhaps the bigger news (and something for RMK fans to look as as a possible future addition) is the new 800 H.O. Engine.

  • High-efficiency intake and exhaust with 3-stage electronically-controlled exhaust valve.
  • Improved running quality and quieter ride.
  • Automotive smart actuator provides information to the ECU for accurate position and failsafe.
  • Improved fuel economy.
  • Electronic oil pump eliminates power-robbing gear drive and provides more precise oil delivery.
  • 35 % reduction in throttle effort.
  • Altitude and temperature compensating oil delivery.
  • 3.5-pound reduction in engine weight.
  • Lightweight mounting system.
  • Thermostat with bypass warms up engine to operating temperature 40% faster.
  • Water flows through engine at all times.
  • No possibility of cold-shocking engine.
  • New lightweight throttle body.
  • Reduced throttle effort.
  • Improved TPS location and orientation to provent water intrusion.
  • Improved engine air flow with high-efficiency intake and exhaust for more power output.
  • All-new crankshaft is 2.5-pounds lighter for 25% reduction in inertia for improved throttle response and acceleration. 
  • New lightweight crankshaft was used on 2014 IQ race sleds.
  • Improved fuel economy at trail speeds.

Other AXYS Features

  • Integrated storage.
  • Enhanced wind protection.
  • Improved left-hand controls.
  • New, more comfortable seat.
  • Longer, larger running boards.
  • Industry's first LED lighting
  • New LCD digital gauge
  • Improved fit and finish.

2015 Pro RMK 

While the 2015 Pro RMK lineup doesn't have any major changes structurally, there are some cool limited edition models and 20,000 ways to customize your next RMK.

One thing that will get overshadowed in all of the 2015 product is the option of a 1-inch lower Pro Taper handlebar. 

Riders have the ability to create their customized combination of chassis, suspension, track, color, and tunnel and rail choices. In all, there are more than 20,000 unique combinations of Deep Snow options.

Riders customize their sled in three easy steps: choose your sled, your colors, and choose your options. The customization includes selecting colors for side panels, tunnels and rails, and selecting the suspension, storage and comfort features. 

Polaris states that the pricing is flat for any option you choose on your Snow Check Select model. That is, if you order a Pro RMK with clicker shocks, painted rails, colored tunnel, full wrap, storage and lower bars, it will cost the same as a Pro RMK with regular shocks, no painted rails, standard bars and the basic wrap. 

Riders can customize sleds at, then submit or take a description of their favorite sled to a Polaris snowmobile dealer to place their SnowCheck Select order. The Polaris SnowCheck Select order period runs from March 3, 2014, through April 15, 2014. 

Snow Check Limited Edition, 60th Anniversary Model (available for RMK, PRO-RMK, RMK Assault, and Switchback Assault)

This model celebrates the Polaris 60th Anniversary with a special retro graphics package, Walker Evans Clicker Shocks, and storage that includes a Burandt Tunnel Bag, riser bag, and underseat bag. A rider has a choice of handlebars, windshield, and electric start when ordering. The red, black and white 60th Anniversary graphics coordinate with the sled’s black tunnel and red rail, A-Arms, spindles, and ski toes.

Snow Check Limited Edition, Pink Ribbon Riders Model (available for RMK, PRO-RMK, RMK Assault, and Switchback Assault)

Part of the proceeds from the purchase of each Pink Ribbon Riders (PRR) model will be donated to this non-profit charitable group. PRR models have Walker Evans shocks, a Burandt Flyer Tunnel Bag, and the rider’s choice of handlebars, windshield, and electric start. The PRR graphics package includes pink graphics and a black tunnel, rail, A-Arms, and ski toes. 

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