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White Out & Wide Open—The Blog

The other day I received a request from a PETA representative requesting SnoWest to run free advertising for the animal rights activist organization.

            At first glance, you know we laughed this off since we would never be aligned with such extreme organizations that consist of liberals who place the value of human life below the value of all other life forms.

            But then I started having some second thoughts. No, not because I can relate in any way to their message … but they use attractive women (not wearing clothes) to advance it. I wouldn’t need to worry about anybody reading the words in the ad. Most men wouldn’t even notice there are words on the page.

 *          So much for global warming. Up to now we are looking at the third coldest winter on record in the United States. Ironically, even when it’s cold the global warming crowd claims that is a sign of global warming.

            So let me get this right: When it’s hot—global warming; when it’s cold—global warming; when it rains—global warming; when there’s drought—global warming; when one day is just as pleasant as the next—global warming.

            It is funny how much money has been spent researching global warming … if we were into conspiracies, we would start to think that many of these so-called global warming experts are really capitalists, because if you follow the global warming money the trail seems to lead right to their bank accounts.

 *          Snowmobiling can save lives. Well, actually I came to this conclusion after reading an article that says loneliness is a potentially lethal heath risk that can lead to premature death.

            We all know that you snowmobile with friends … and if you’re with friends, you’re not lonely. So for those of you who have invited friends to go riding: Thanks for saving lives.

 *          For those who have been following the Winter Olympics in Sochi, you have likely seen how the U.S. speed skaters have been left behind in the snow dust. Going into the Olympics the U.S. team had shown well at the World Cup and was expected to compete for a bunch of medals. So far, nada.

            Now some skaters have complained that their special “Mach 39” speed suits are to blame. And that’s something we can relate to. After all, how many snowmobilers are a good 10 mph faster with their hi-tech gear in the parking lot? The suits make the rider.

            But in the case of the speed skaters, perhaps the suits just weren’t fast enough. Like snowmobile gear, it’s not how good you look, it’s how good you are.

 *          Finally, again over the weekend an avalanche has claimed another life of a snowmobiler. This is the fifth snowmobiler who has been killed in the United States this winter (plus seven skiers, a snowboarder, snowshoer and hiker). And the snow conditions are ripe to pose a threat to many more winter enthusiasts.

            A couple of weeks ago Klim held a private avalanche seminar for several of its key employees. John Summers graciously allowed the SnoWest Test Staff to participate.

            We’ve attended multiple avalanche seminars over the past two decades, but this was one of the better ones—probably because is was just a handful of hardcore riders with an avalanche expert, asking questions of a specific nature. (Even the expert expressed how impressed he was at the level of understanding that came from the group.)

            Although non of us plan to put ourselves in harms way when it comes to the treacherous conditions of snow, it’s always great to learn just a little bit more in what to look for while out in nature and how to read snow conditions.


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