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I don't know what the rest of you guys are doing, but Patrick Wilson and I are
north of the border in two feet of powder snow.

Patrick was the winner of 12 Days of SnoWest and not only did he win a new
Ski-Doo Summit 800, he's up at and undisclosed location near Sicamous, B.C., riding snowmobiles with Carl Kuster.

I'm now sure if he's having a good time, though. It's hard to understand him
while he's whooping and hollering and laying his snowmobile on its side, jumping
cornices and basically trying to put tracks all over Canada.

On Friday we spent the day riding with Darrell Trouton, mayor of Sicamous. He
wanted to show us the great trail system out of Sicamous . but there was just too much to show. It didn't matter. All we could see was powder so we really didn't care much to look around at all the other scenery.

I was unaware that April 12 is a holiday in British Columbia. It had to be .
because about everyone in the province was at the trailhead unloading sleds.

But what is unique about the area is that once you get out on the mountain, you
don't see anybody. There's more mountain than there are riders. So we spent the entire day busting through fresh snow. It was so fresh it was still being delivered from Heaven.

For Patrick, the snow was just a little deeper than where he calls home (McCall,
ID . where the snow is plenty deep for most people) and the mountain was a little
bigger. We kept climbing and climbing but we never did make it to the top.

Well, got to go. Still working out of our undisclosed location. Three days of
serious riding. Wow, Patrick's thinking this might even be better than winning the

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