Six Months Changes Attitudes

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            Six months really isn't a very long time . but when it comes to attitude, it can seem like a lifetime.

            We all remember back to last October when everyone was religiously studying the SnoTel site on the Natural Resources Conservation Page website to see how much snow was accumulating at the higher elevations.

            We browsed various chat rooms and social pages to see who was riding and where. We posted the comments like "lucky dog" or "I wish my riding area could get that kind of snow" and we expressed our jealousies and vowed that when the first flake of snow fell, we were calling in sick and hitting the mountain.

            That was all six months ago. The most important thing in our life was snow. We wanted it, we searched for it, and we vowed that when it came we were going to be all over it.

            Well it came. We rode. We enjoyed. And then we did something very interesting: We quit riding.

            So what happened in those six months? What turned us from diehard sledders to lawnmower pushers?

            Did we just get sick of snowmobiling? Impossible. Did we ride so much that, like after a Thanksgiving feast, we just couldn't stand another scoop of the mash potatoes? Improbable.

            Did we just forget about the snow once the roads in the valley dried up and the lingering drifts melted? More than likely.

            But if you take the time to go to those coveted SnoTel sites to check out the snow depths, you may find there is still more snow in the high country than there was in January during the heart of winter.

            So what's the difference?

            Attitude. With weather getting warmer, you tend to forget about what you love to do during the winter and start looking at what you love to do during the summer . although you can't quite do that because it's not quite summer.

            And while we sit around waiting for summer, we're wasting a lot of time that we could still be enjoying winter. And yet, in six months, we'll likely be back to the routine of checking out SnoTel and searching out the social media to see who's riding where.

            Hey, it's April. There's at least four more weeks of winter somewhere within a two hour drive (if you live in the West).  Let's lose the attitude and find some altitude. After all, we really only need five months of summer.

Let's ride.       


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