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Published in the March 2013 Issue White Out & Wide Open—The Blog

Can’t Wait To Take Her Sledding

Dear Editor:

I had to share a proud dad moment with you. When I got my free trial issue of SnoWest this week my 2 year-old daughter wanted to look through the whole thing. Can’t wait to take her sledding. Thanks for all you guys do. SnoWest has been in my home since I was just a kid.

Chevy Lyon

Smithfield, UT

Could Not Be More Polar Opposite

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to a letter you published in your Western Guide to Snowmobiling edition (“Reign In Unruly Snowmobilers,” SnoWest, November, 2012, page 19) by a gentleman called Don Hill.

I found his comments very surprising and was very disappointed that his experience with snowmobilers had left such a bitter taste in his mouth. Mr. Hill did not mention where he lives or works, but I would suggest that he pay a visit to West Yellowstone, MT, where the relationship between the local businesses and snowmobilers could not be more polar to Mr. Hill’s experience.

Here in West we have a great relationship with the snowmobile community and welcome snowmobilers with open arms. I work at a hotel and have always found the snowmobilers courteous and have never encountered the problems Mr. Hill appears to have.

The visiting snowmobilers contribute a great deal to the economy of our town as is evident to anyone who visits any of the bars and restaurants in the evenings. The gift and clothing stores are also well-supported by visiting snowmobilers.

While Mr. Hill did make a somewhat valid point that the issues with the Park Service were partly the snowmobilers’ own making, overall, I find it hard to believe that the rest of his complaints have any grounding at all.

The future of the snowmobiling industry rests on the ability to build public and private partnerships for continued public lands access and sustainable destination locations. I am glad that West Yellowstone and the snowmobile community that visit us are jointly playing a large part in helping achieve this and am sure that together, we can continue to do so.

A concerned snowmobiler and hotel employee

West Yellowstone MT

$2,000 Ride

Dear Editor:

I want to tell you about this story. I went riding with two of my buddies near Zirkle (Washington). It’s about 10:30 a.m. and they drop into a bowl with a Polaris 800 RMK with a 155-inch track. They couldn’t get out so we’re talking on a two-way radio and they needed help.

So by 2:30 p.m. I had to call in a helicopter that cost $2,000 to lift them out of the hole and get their sleds and them back on top of the mountain. They were thirsty for a cold Coors Light beer so we all had one. Then we got back to the parking lot about 7:40 p.m.. It was a long day.

Carlos Candanedo

Tampico, WA

(ED—Ouch, that’s some expensive beer.)

Engine Problems

Dear Editor:

Just got my new SnoWest mag. Right away I read the article in the letters to the editor, “Why can’t they?” (SnoWest, January 2013, page 10) which talks about the reliability of the Polaris engines. I feel this guy’s pain. I started riding Polaris RMKs in 2011. Love the sleds. I’ve had three already. I’ve yet to make it a thousand miles on two of them without engine problems.

Just over the 2012 Christmas weekend right before reading the “Why can’t they?” article I blew the engine in my 2012 RMK in the first five miles of a three-day ride in Togwotee.

I’ve always been picky about fuel and maintenance. All my sleds have been stock. You would think Polaris was giving up horsepower for reliability but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Sure wish Polaris could do something about this.


Via e-mail

Enjoy The Magazine, But Disappointed

Dear Editor:

First off, I really enjoy the products you offer (both in print and online).

Next I wanted to say that I am really disappointed that I need to purchase a subscription in order to view more than a couple of posts on the online forums. I could understand having to pay for this service if I didn’t subscribe to either of your magazines, but I have been subscribing to both for a couple of years.

It’s not like the subscriptions to your magazine are cheap either. Because I live in Canada I pay nearly double what subscribers in the U.S. pay.

I am sure that your money makers are the magazines and not the online forum. Maybe if you offered a free subscription to the online stuff with a magazine subscription you would get more subscribers.

Justin McIvor

Via e-mail

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