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Published in the February 2013 Issue White Out & Wide Open—The Blog

There are two types of snowmobilers: ones who wear out the seats of their suits and ones who wear out the soles of their boots.

For the first type, the only thing you need to stay warm when you plant your butt on the seat and go down the trail is some good insulation. Most any kind of snowmobile suit will do a great job if you have enough insulation.

For the second type of rider, the ones who are active and moving around their sled, breathability is critical. You want to keep the wind and snow out, but you also need to allow the sweat and steam created by your body to escape—from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

So for those who are looking for a pair of boots that can keep your toes warm and dry while you dance around your sled, we’ve found great success with our MotorFist Stompers.

Utilizing eVent technology, the Stomper Boots are both waterproof and breathable—this keeps the cold/moisture out while allowing the sweat/steam to be wicked away from the foot.

The boots are comfortable to wear and provide the kind of traction and grip you need to “lock” onto your sled. Where most snowmobile boots tend to bind and restrict one’s movement, the MotorFist exclusive Hi-Flex design allows greater motion that gives you confidence that you can move around your sled without your foot slipping off the boards.

Durable TecTuff Technical Textured leathers (now there’s a tongue twister) provide solid upper foot/ankle support. And don’t forget the 600 grams of Thinsulate built into the boots for warmth.

There is a molded heel and toe cap for strength and durability. Also, the bottom of the boot features a “debris release” design which includes a power grip and oil resisting sole so snow doesn’t stick. There are multiple leather overlays in high abrasion areas to provide longer life to the boot.

Finally, replaceable Goodyear Welt Soles are available to extend the comfort life of the boot. This is useful because it will allow you to wear your boots longer during the day without discomfort, yet not be concerned about prematurely wearing out the inner soles.

At SnoWest, we have tried about every type of snowmobile boot made. And although there are a lot of good boots out there, this was one boot that seemed to be the glass slipper on our feet—the perfect fit. It’s functional. It’s comfortable. It works.

To add a final feature, MotorFist offers a moisture wicking thermal sock that keeps your feed snug and warm. It’s also impressive to see the thought and engineering put into a simple sock design … you may want to check it out. When you combine the boots with the socks, you just can’t lose.

MotorFist boasts a “rugged by design” motto in all of their products. These are guys who use and abuse their sleds, as well as their riding gear. So they make their products to last and withstand the constant beating of an extreme rider.

The Stomper Boots retail for $219.99 and the thermal socks for $24.99.

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