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          Sometimes trips can just be too long. You know, those quick 10-hour drives to an out-of-the-way snowmobile destination that ends up taking 15 hours because of weather, road construction or breakdowns

            Or how about family vacations where the children's patience ends before your home is out of your rear view mirror.

            But the trip I'm talking about now is the one associated with this year's presidential election-complete with polls, opinion pieces, solicitations and non-stop advertising. (And I don't even live in a "swing" state.)

            This year's trip to the November elections has been the longest I can ever remember. It seemed to begin about the time the last presidential election ended, even during his acceptance speech it appeared President Obama was making a stump speech for his re-election and it's been all downhill since.

            It doesn't matter whether you lean red or blue, anybody with any sanity is at the brink of losing it due to all of the insanity. But try to hold on. We're only two weeks out from at least half the country being able to breathe a sigh of relief . and the other half either contemplating a move to Canada (not a bad option if you're looking at snowmobile opportunities around Revelstoke), cutting their wrists (such a messy way to go), or spending the next four years in a drunken stupor (which incidentally seems to be how our politicians act after being elected).

            Actually, this trip tends to make one long for those quick 15-hour drives to an out-of-the-way snowmobile destination.


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