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           Fall is a great time of year for outdoor enthusiasts. The weather is outstanding (especially in eastern Idaho where fall weather is unquestionably the most pleasant time of the year). The kids are back in school so everyone's schedule becomes much more predictable.

            It's hunting time. The end of yard work is approaching. Some of the world's best fishing is happening. And the snowmobile season is just around the corner.

Although it's not officially "riding" season . it's close enough to winter that we can start polishing up the sled and making any modifications for this year.

Fall is the time of year when men traditionally do men things-watching football, killing elk, and letting the grass grow. It's harvest time. It's when men proclaim the work is done and play begins.

It's the season for snowmobile shows-whether it be in Washington, Colorado, Utah, Idaho or a number of other locations across the snowbelt; where we can spend a day or two looking at what's new and rubbing shoulders with other enthusiasts.

It's a time when the days get shorter, the football flies farther and the nights get colder. Life slows down a bit, allowing us to reflect on the past, and anticipate the future.

It's fall. Do you know where your snowmobile is?


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