Shaping Up (Part 2)

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On my last blog I mentioned the need to start getting in shape-this coming from a guy who has a buffet table next to his recliner so he doesn't have to get out of a chair during the televised football games.

            But aside from that, I do my part to stay in riding shape. I always walk and carry my clubs on a golf course. I walk two miles a day with my wife while she vents (it's always better to allow your wife to vent while walking in a public place daily than to allow her to build up the pressure and explode while you're trying to watch a good football game on TV). I even occasionally take the stairs up to my fourth floor office at work. But then, I usually take the elevator back up to my office after slipping out at morning break to get a cookie from Great Harvest.

Taking all this in consideration, I guess I'm not the best one to offer tips for getting in shape for the snow season. But the bottom line is that I believe I'm in better shape than Lane (who's only exercise program is lifting a 44-ounce soft drink twice a day) and Ryan (who frequents Burger King so often that they once called the office to see if Ryan was sick because he hadn't picked up his breakfast burrito that morning).

            Perhaps the reason we harp so much about lightweight sleds is because we need the snowmobile manufacturers to off-set the extra pounds we tend to collect around our waists during the off season.

            So when it comes to getting a little more serious about getting in shape, I guess I'm going to have to just bite the bullet and lay off the cookies. But I do hope that it's a chocolate-covered bullet with a caramel filling.


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