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           There's about 40 days before we find out whether we're going to get serious about getting out of a recession or whether we all prepare to go on welfare.

I haven't necessarily ruled out that welfare thing . but I'm a little concerned whether I can expect enough Obamabucks to buy a new snowmobile every year. I like the fact that I would be able to eat like a pig (until Michelle mandates that I only eat stuff you feed sheep) and that I wouldn't have to work sounds attractive (giving more time to do important things like eat and snowmobile). But what happens if our President decides the only types of sleds we're allowed are those hybrids that run on electric power . or worse, gravity.

In 40 days we're going to see if global warming is indeed going to eliminate winter altogether or if we're going to accept the fact that Mother Nature determines whether it's going to snow.

This is going to be an important election. It will determine whether government works for us or whether we work for government. Or worse, whether only those who work actually do work for government-work for government . isn't that an oxymoron? And if our tax base is made up of only those who work for government, wouldn't it just make sense not to pay those guys and eliminate the middle man (the tax man)?

Could it be that we're about ready to re-introduce slavery-especially if we all becomes slaves to government.

Anyway, we only have 40 days until we vote. I sure hope it doesn't snow on Nov. 6. I'd hate to have my first ride be my last due to election results.


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