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Last week Lane Lindstrom and myself asked Ryan Harris if he wanted to drive over to Pinedale, WY, with us. We told him we were taking some sleds back and knew he wanted to test his new Dodge diesel truck's towing capacity.

            Ryan pulled into my place around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday and we hooked him up to our four-place enclosed trailer and hopped into his truck. As we drove down the highway, Ryan noted that he could feel the trailer a little more than what he thought he should.

            "For just a couple of sleds, it sure seems heavy," he remarked as we headed up the road.

            When we pulled into Bucky's Polaris and dropped the back door of the trailer, Ryan noticed that not only were there two snowmobiles that we were returning, but also two side-by-sides.

            "No wonder the trailer pulled heavy," Ryan said. "Why did you put the side-by-sides in here?"

            "Two reasons," I replied. "First, so you could see how well your new truck towed a heavy trailer. Second, because Lane and I aren't riding back home with you."

            And with that, Lane and I hoped into the side-by-sides and started on our two-day trek back from Pinedale through the mountains to Idaho Falls-about 230 miles on backcountry roads and trails.

            As for Ryan . well it likely was a quiet ride back to Idaho Falls. But hey, somebody needed to make the sacrifice. (You can read about our ride to Idaho Falls in the next issue of Dirt Toys Magazine.)


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