Out Of Control

Steve Janes's Blog Mar 30th

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Out Of Control

            When you ride in extreme conditions, you quickly learn the need to have total control of your snowmobile. Mistakes at elevation can be costly, if not disastrous.

If you happen to lose control of your sled in steep technical terrain, even if it's only for a second, the chances of gravity taking charge and depositing you into trees or rocks below is very real.

The other day I was experimenting with a new ski design from a company that isn't known for building skis. The skis had a unique look and feel to them . but the predictability and control were terrible. So what could have been a fun ride turning into a white-knuckle experience trying to keep my snowmobile in control.

The result was a very timid riding experience where the easier line was always chosen and became more difficult than expected. What I learned for this is that skis make a real difference in your riding experience. Good skis allow you more freedom in the lines you choose. Bad skis can strip you of your confidence and keep you on the defensive for your entire ride.

These skis did not bode well . and were removed from the sled immediately after the ride. My only regret for the ride, however, is that I had to pass up some great snow a time of year when our rides are numbered. I won't make that mistake again.


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