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Oh Canada

            It had been over 25 years since I was last up to Canada snowmobiling. And back 25 years, most of the riding was limited to trails and a few open play areas where the slopes were gentle and the snow somewhat settled.

This time, however, with new technology the snowmobiles go almost anywhere-actually, the will go where you have the guts to take them. The country near Revelstoke, BC is vast and endless. From any given mountain peak you can see unlimited riding possibilities.

The main difference between Canada and many areas in the western United States is the size of the mountains. Sure, both areas feature elevations climbing around 10,000 feet. But in the United States, the climb usually start at about 6,000 feet (making mountains appear about 4,000 feet tall), in Canada the mountains start at about 2,000 feet (making them appear about 8,000 feet tall).

Although there are those popular areas where snowmobilers tend to conglomerate, there are so many little drainages and play areas where you can go to find fresh untracked snow.

As I reflect on the change in perspective over the past 25 years, the one though that keeps coming to my mind is "why did it take 25 years to go back?" All I know is that it certainly won't take any time for me to start planning my next trip north.



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