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What's New?

            This is the standard question I get this time of year after riding all the 2013 snowmobiles. And it's a good question. After all, it's getting close to those snow check days when you have to make a monetary commitment on what you're going to ride next year.

If you invest nothing, you will be riding the same hardware as this year. In you invest a lot, you might be on shiny equipment which will make next winter one to remember.

The big question is: Is there something worth sacrificing Johnny's braces or Sally's dance lessons?

This past week we've spent a good portion of the time in fresh powder with the latest and greatest from all four snowmobile manufacturers. Like a kid in a candy store, we were jumping from one sled to the next seeing which one held a sidehill, absorbed the big bumps and carved through the trees.

It's like being able to take bites out of candy. You ride one sled for 10-15 minutes and move over to the next. If you drop into the trees, you move on to the lighter sleds. If you come to a section of rough trails, you move to the snowmobiles with the best suspensions. If you want speed, you go to the four-stroke turbos.

So back to that question: What's new?

Well, since this blog is expected to be short and to the point, I don't have time to get into the details here. But the March issue of SnoWest (which is being shipped within the week) will let you know which manufacturers stepped up this season.

As for Johnny's braces and Sally's dance lessons . maybe it's time for you to have the bright smile and sing for joy when you put your name down on a shiny new 2013 snowmobile.


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