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Riding Into Shape

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One of the common remarks heard out on the snow each winter is "boy I'm out of shape." This comment is usually uttered about the time a person is chest-deep in snow and trying to get his sled unstuck.

            The comment is then usually followed up by some feeble promise to get in better shape next time. And then many riders tend to become less ambitious in their riding-usually they reframe from taking the aggressive lines that got them stuck in the first place.

But for others, rather than assuming a year-long regiment of weight room time is the answer to stay in shape, this is the time of year when moving from one stuck hole to the next is just a means of riding oneself into shape. Why lift dead weight when you can do your reps with your snowmobile?

The keys to riding into shape are simple: Start early in the season, go late into the season, never pass up an opportunity to push your snowmobile to the limit, and don't be afraid of a little work.

The thing most people find tedious with weight rooms is that you're lifting dumbbells until you're worn out. Then you go home, shower and lay around the house until you have enough energy to go back and lift dumbbells. When you ride yourself in shape, you do more than just lift weight-you experience life.

Rather than working out for a mere hour or two, you spend the day working every muscle in your body . including the one between the ears. And at the end of your workout, you have something to show for it.

So quit complaining about being out of shape and start riding. Trade that weight room for deep snow. This is one membership that you will be certain to get your money's worth out of it.


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