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Balanced Winter

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            So far I've done a fairly good job at balancing out my winter. I've spent one day of the new year on the mountain slopes, and one day on the golf course. To be honest, I know I'll get about 100 rounds of golf in before the end of the year . that means I'm really going to need to pick it up if I expect to get that many snowmobile rides in.

The beauty of both golf and snowmobiling is that you can usually always find grass or snow somewhere, it just depends on how hard you're willing to look.

Usually during January, we tend to have to search harder for a golf course than we do for a mountain loaded with snow. However, this year it seems to be just the opposite . at least for the time being.

On January 2 I was working hard trying to tune some ski lift out of my snowmobile. On January 4 I was trying to fix a shank from my chipping game. I think right now I'm more content working out the ski lift and letting the shank sit idle for a couple of months.

Although there isn't a lot of snow in the higher elevations, there are some pockets of pretty good riding. But after saying that, I must also include that there are also a lot of pockets with unstable snow. And we're likely to battle those unstable snow conditions for quite a while.

So be careful as you take to the slopes.    


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