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Annoying Neighbor (Part 2)

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Annoying Neighbor (Part 2)

I've never been one to get caught up with "first rides" when the snow is still marginal and the likelihood of "more bad than good" being the theme of the ride. But still, there is something nice about having that first ride to relieve some of that built-up summer stress.

And it's always somewhat painful to have to listen to someone else's first ride before you get to do yours.

This past week, while I was working around the yard getting my home buttoned up for winter, I watched my neighbor pull out of his driveway with snowmobile trailer in tow. I have to admit there was a bit of envy that he would be putting miles on his new sled while I was raking leaves off my grass.

So I was anxious the next day to have that conversation with him where he recounts the previous day's ride.

"How was the snow?" 

"Not much too it. We unloaded on dirt and had to skirt the edge of the trail for the first few miles to find enough powder to keep the slide rails wet. And there was the constant click of the carbides hitting rocks."

"Once you got high did it get better?"

"Not really, although we did come across the groomer. I don't know what that guy was thinking . He was making more of a mess of things. And it was impossible to pass him because there just wasn't enough snow off the trail to avoid the stumps and rocks."

"Do any damage to your sled?"

"I did hit a stump or something in the trail that sent me flying out through the trees. I thought for sure my sled would be toast. Luckily, all it did was break off a handguard . although I hit pretty hard and have a good bruise on my shoulder and tweaked my knee."

"Did the snow ever get decent?"

"Not really. And I had to spend about an hour after the ride just cleaning the mud off my sled and get it cleaned up."

"So how was the ride?"

"It was great."


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