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Waiting for Winter..

White Out & Wide Open—The Blog Ryan Harris
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Why is waiting for winter so hard? All it's going to do is eventually get very cold and we'll all have to shovel snow. But the days drag on forever through the end of October and through November until the snow piles up deep enough to ride.

Your neighbors think you're weird. I'm sure every one of us has heard, "It's too soon for summer to end. But you're probably excited for winter," as they roll their eyes.

You stay up at night with a bowl of cereal watching The Weather Channel with the volume turned way down low.

You do the math on how long it would take to get to at least six predetermined locations in neighboring states should it snow there first.

You wash your riding gear and lay it all out like your mother used to lay out your clothes for kindergarten.

You miss deadlines because you spent too much time on the computer finding the best deal on a lightweight muffler.

You sit in the back seat of the minivan while your wife drives the family to a restaurant-just so you can watch a sled DVD on the rear monitor.

The first week of freezing temps seems colder than any day you spent on the snow previously, but you go out without a jacket on to try and acclimate your body to the cold.

Hang in there, we know exactly how you feel.

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