SnoWest Newsletter - Nov. 10

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Turning Off The Heat

            With a major winter storm slamming Alaska, it's obvious that winter is coming upon us at a fairly fierce pace. And although you expect that a state that is as far north as it gets to be one of the first states to experience winter, the way this storm made its assault indicates what we may come to expect this winter.

            From the reports that we've been reading from various sources, this winter is expected to be good when it comes to snow fall. And the more snow, the better.

Last winter was good for the snowmobile industry. It came early, it stayed late and it provided plenty of snowmobiling opportunities across the snow belt.

You may not recognize the significance of an early snow. But those who work in snowmobile dealerships do. Early snow helps new sled sales, used sled sales and aftermarket part sales. These early sales provide the incentive and motivation for companies to invest in the R& D required to create new products.

Certainly there's a downside with these storms. They play havoc on travel condition. But the upside is really good for the snowmobile industry. And anything good for the industry is going to translate into better snowmobiling experiences for the rest of us.

SnoWest Newsletter - November 10, 2011

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