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Give Me A Cold One

White Out & Wide Open—The Blog Steve Janes

Fall is a great time of year. Something in the air tells you winter is just around the corner and you need to take advantage of the time left to celebrate the passing of summer and prepare for oncoming winter season.

There's nothing like a crisp fall day. Everything is better, cleaner and calmer. The air is pure and fills your lungs. The colors of trees are vibrant. The sky is a richer blue. It's just the perfect time to enjoy life.

But what I like best about fall is although the days can get nice and warm, you literally feel the temperature change every time the sun ducks behind a cloud or sets in the evening. And every morning you have a chill in the air to the point of literally being able to see your breath.

This is the time of year where you gleam the weather forecasts searching for cold fronts packing a lot of moister. It's the time when each cloud could be packing snow-and this is the kind of snow that anticipates lingering in the higher elevations for the next six or seven months. It is base snow . the foundation of great riding.

Yes, I love Fall. I love the beautiful days, the brilliant colors, refreshing morning air. It's the time to put away the summer toys, lawn mower and garden tools and prepare to be tucked in for winter. And when the sun goes down after a nice pleasant day, the night gets long .please, give me a cold one.


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