Product Test: FXR Women's Clothing

FXR Women's Snowmobile Clothing

Published in the October 2011 Issue White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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Outside of an epic season for riding in Colorado-well into July-I had the opportunity of riding in 2012 FXR snowmobile gear. I was lucky enough to test the gear before it even became available to the general public.

I wore two different sets of gear last winter: the Velocity Jacket and Pants and the Fresh Jacket and Blizzard Pants. The Velocity gear is already in FXR's clothing line (and will be updated for 2012) but the Fresh Jacket and Blizzard Pant are new products for the upcoming season.

I was very pleased with my experiences with the Velocity Jacket and Pants and the Fresh Jacket with the Blizzard Pants. The Fresh Jacket and Blizzard Pants are hands down the most favorite gear I have ever worn. This gear is warm, made with quality material, durable and extremely flexible for a variety of riders and different skill levels.

Some things I liked about the gear were the waterproof upper sleeve pocket, cold-stop multi-placket magnetic/snap front closure system, inner chin placket, dry vent system, zip off removable hood with adjustable shock cord, shock cord adjustable hem, adjustable inner windskirt, hook and loop adjustable cuffs, Lycra cuff extensions and tether retention D-ring.

The Fresh Jacket comes with a hood so my initial thoughts were that I would be uncomfortable or that it would get in the way. However, I found it was nice to take my helmet off after a long day of riding and not have to search for something to cover my head to keep me warm. The hood actually turned out to be a plus for me. The hood does detach for warmer days. Overall, it was good quality, easy to ride in, warm and stylish. It is very unique-looking and is all over great riding gear.

This winter I also wore the 2012 Velocity Jacket and Pants. Some of the features I liked were: the lining is moisture wicking, quick dry mesh, warm back micro fleece insert, two inside lining pockets, Thermal Flex insulation in the body and sleeve, Vislon front zipper, cold-stop multi-placket, magnetic/snap front closure system and inner chin placket. It was warm and is also made with good quality. I found this particular set of gear very likable as well as good to ride in. There is no hood with this jacket and it's not as unique-looking when it comes to style.

The materials are different between these two and for my style of riding in the backcountry, the Fresh outfit was a better fit for me. The Velocity Jacket did not have as much mobility as the Fresh Jacket did but I still enjoyed this set as well. They were both great, but for mountain riding I think the Rush Jacket would be the best choice for 2012 FXR gear.

No matter what kind of riding they were made for, I loved the Fresh Jacket and Blizzard Pants. They were accommodating to me personally. Both sets of pants kept me dry, warm and comfortable. I had no complaints or problems with either pair, although I would like to see the bibs detach for overall convenience.

All in all the versatility and the quality in the materials for FXR`s 2012 gear will exceed riders' expectations. When it comes to riding and the true importance of having quality, comfortable and versatile gear, I have to say I was very impressed with the gear I got to ride in last winter.

I look forward to 2013 gear for FXR as it seems every year FXR strives for rider satisfaction and will make necessary changes for the best possible riding experience. 


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