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Published in the October 2011 Issue October 2011 Sledheads, Product Tests

Keeping an eye on what's going on under your sled's hood has never been easier or more convenient.

Cutler's Performance Center is releasing a new digital snowmobile gauge-the Redline Gauge. This gauge is targeted to high performance customers who own turbo-charged, supercharged or big bore snowmobiles. The new gauge performs the following functions:

  • Reads four temperature sensor inputs (two exposed tip thermocouple sensors are included in kit)
  • Air Fuel Ratio capable (requires AFR wiring harness and sensor)
  • Tachometer (RPM 1)
  • PSI 1 for boost pressure
  • PSI 2 for fuel pressure
  • PSI 3 for oil pressure
  • Digital speedometer (RPM 2 Hall effect)
  • Digital speedometer (RPM 3 variable reluctance for automotive use)
  • 0 to 5 analog input for direct display of AFR
  • Record and playback feature (25 seconds)
  • Completely programmable including pressure, tachometer and low and high alarm limits
  • Customize your own back light with a rainbow of colors using RGB technology
  • Super bright LED red internal warning light
  • Water-resistant black anodized aluminum (not plastic) gauge enclosure
  • Runs on AC or DC power without having to purchase a converter
  • Built-in voltage regulator
  • Displays temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit

This gauge is unique because it will perform all the above functions at the same time. It is ideal for turbo charging because this one gauge will replace four of your existing gauges and it will do boost, fuel and oil pressures at the same time.

The viewing area allows the user to look at three screens of information all at the same time in a small package. This gauge measures out at 6.9 inches long by 4 inches tall by .830-inch thick. It's much like having a flat screen TV versus the old bulky TVs of years gone by. Each numerical digit is over one inch tall so it is easy to read even when your speed prevents your eyes from spending time on focusing on the digits. The enclosure is CNC machined out of 6061 T6 aluminum, then black anodized and has an O-ring between case and cover to keep water or dirt out.

And to top it off, this gauge is made in the USA.

The concept for producing this gauge came about five years ago when Race Pak quit manufacturing the old Avenger II and III gauges when MSD bought them out. This left a void in the snowmobile market for a high-quality gauge to monitor exhaust and water temperatures. Then three years ago Dale Cutler, Ron Russell and Brian Burgess teamed up to manufacture a world class gauge. Each person on this trio has had extensive background with years of manufacturing, engineering and marketing experience.

This gauge went through 16 months of rigorous testing prior to its release. It ran for 14 months, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without turning it off.

All materials that make up the gauge are military-grade electrical components. CPC has completely tested this gauge on the snow, including racing with it in the World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb. They have frozen this gauge to almost minus 20 degrees F, submerged it completely under water with power running the gauge, baked the gauge at 225 degrees F for four hours in an oven, vibrated the gauge similar to a paint shaker to test for vibration, exposed this gauge to direct sunlight in the hot summer weather to cook the gauge and exposed it to all of Mother Nature's elements with not one single failure. CPC says it is confident that this gauge will take the punishment that customers can dish out.

Even though this gauge was built for snowmobilers by snowmobilers, it can be used on ATVs, dune buggies, watercraft, go carts or automobiles. It will run 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines and it can run on AC or DC power without a converter or a regulator. It is completely programmable and easy to use.

Retail cost is $995.95. For more information, go to

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