Crazy Mtn. Unveils New Snowmobile For 2012 CMX-X latest creation

Published in the September 2011 Issue White Out & Wide Open—The Blog
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The crew at Montana-based Crazy Mountain Motorsports has been pretty busy the last few months, working to fine tune and perfect its latest creation, the CMX-X.

Crazy Mtn. completed its CMX Project X prototype sled last season and test rode the turbo charged rocket every chance they got. CMX Project X was the company's first CMX A-arm sled, creating the sled by grafting the front of a Polaris Dragon chassis to the front of a CMX chassis. The engine was moved back about one and a half inches and the steering post forward about four inches.

According to Crazy Mtn., the ergonomics and geometry of the new sled turned out great and handled and carved even better than the crew had hoped. The company claims the ergonomics of this new machine are the same as the Pro RMK.

In the spring of 2010 Crazy Mtn. began development work using the new cast aluminum bulkhead and over-structure to develop the all-new bottom to top, front to rear CMX-X. Polaris uses a lightweight cast aluminum bulkhead and aluminum tubes that are joined to cast aluminum head stocks to create the lightweight over structure. Polaris also uses aerospace technology, using epoxy along with bolts and rivets to put assemblies together. Crazy Mtn. uses these same procedures to produce the CMX-X. This makes the machine lighter, stiffer and stronger.

Crazy Mtn. starts with the Pro RMK bulkhead and over structure, but from there it is pure CMX. The new sled features titanium A-arms, a CMX custom suspension front and rear with Raptor Performance Shocks with remote reservoirs in all four spots. The new CMX chassis accommodates the new Camoplast Peak 2.5-inch track (16 inches wide and 163 inches long).

Then there is the CMX-X Turbo Rockets. Crazy Mtn. has had zero engine failures to date in three seasons with its CMX Turbo Rockets. The company has its own CMX "private label" tuning box, built by Dobeck Performance. It also uses a CMX head to optimize combustion with the turbo as well as a few other little features that all work together to make a reliable package. With only 10 lbs. of boost Crazy Mtn. hits 260 hp.

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