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Standard riding gear . that's what you consider the True Adventure Gear Lightning Pack. Just like your favorite helmet, gloves and goggles, the Lightning Pack is something you will always take on every ride.

Sitting in the snowmobile closet next to my boots and just above my large gear bag, the Lightning Pack is the first thing I load in my gear bag before a ride. My shovel, probe, saw, extra gloves and goggles, emergency kit, food and water are always right there in the Lightning Pack . with plenty of room left over if I need to shed a layer of clothing during the ride.

The Lightning Pack is one of the most practical packs on the market that has the room and design perfect for a snowmobiler's unique needs. With about 1,300 cubic inches of storage compartment, the pack is water-resistant and features quality-brand zippers and hardware. Although no bag is waterproof, the Lightning Pack has proven itself to keep its inner contents dry during even the most powdery days on the snow.

Unlike some packs that have multiple compartments . each being just a little too small to hold anything useful, the Lightning Pack has two zippered compartments-a large one capable of stuffing in a lot of things (goggles, gloves, etc.), and a smaller one for those special things you wish to keep secure (wallets, cell phones, etc.). The Lightning Pack's trimmer design allows you to carry what you need without tempting you to load everything but the kitchen sink.

The outer storage compartments are designed for water bottles, shovels and avalanche gear-things you want to get to during the ride without necessarily exposing the inner compartments to the snow.

The pack also has extra compression straps that will allow you to attach a lot more gear if desired.

When riding, the Lightning Pack wears comfortably and doesn't restrict movement. You forget it's on . until you need something out of it.

And after each ride, I hang the back up in the closet, next to my boots and above my gear back (seldom do I need to remove the contents to dry things out) so it is readily assessible for the next time I head out.

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