Product Test: Arctiva Comp 4 Gear

Published in the November 2010 Issue November 2010 Product Tests

Arctiva Comp 4

If staying warm was the only requirement for snowmobilers, then we would all be wearing insulated coveralls. You know, those brown ones the ranchers wear when they're out feeding the stock at night.

But just as we expect more from a snowmobile than merely trudging through the deep mountain snow, we expect more from our snowmobile suit. Being warm is important . but so is being dry, comfortable and not feeling like the Michelin Man.

The Arctiva Comp 4 bib and jacket offers the best of all worlds.

The trouble with most snowmobile suits is that they are either designed to be warm and bulky or lightweight. And too often we start our rides in the morning when the air is heavy and cold . but by midday the temperature rises. Also, the first part of any ride starts on the trail where you are less active. Once you hit the good part of the mountain where the snow is deep, you start working harder and generating more heat from within.

Arctiva designed a suit that combines a 120 gram Holofil insulation package with durable waterproof nylon shell that keeps you warm and dry while providing maximum comfort and multiple vents for temperature regulation.

Arctiva uses top quality materials and construction, coupled with innovative design to offer the most technical snowmobiling gear you can buy. The suit may be just a tad more bulky that some of the more popular western style suits like Klim, HMK or Motorfist, but the soft fabric gives it a feel of being lightweight. And it doesn't restrict rider movement, even when jumping from side to side in unpredictable terrain.

So if you're looking for something that will keep you warm but won't turn a ride into a steam bath, you may want to look again at Arctiva. Arctiva offers a wide range of products in men's, women's and youth styles and sizes.

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HMK Outlaw Jacket/Highmark Boots

The trouble with winter is that sometimes it's cold . and sometimes it's really cold. Although most snowmobile suits are designed for warmth, sometimes you actually need one designed for cold.

The HMK Outlaw Jacket maximizes the layering system to provide comfort in extreme cold while allowing you to shed layers when the cold winter morning turns into a nice winter day.

Breathable heavy-duty Codura stops wind and water from penetrating its layer. A lighter Tech Jacket provides comfort and warmth as an inner liner. When the weather improves, you can either remove the liner or remove the outer shell. It's a perfect system for any type of weather.

The Outlaw Jacket also features a removable hood for those occasions when you are just standing out in the cold and want something to protect your head. There are also plenty of pockets for storage.

We also found the HMK Highmark Pro Boots were an excellent choice of footwear. Simple, affordable and functional, the Highmark boots feature an ergonomic comfort cuff to relieve pressure on the calf. They also have a high grip rubber outsole for excellent traction and are comfort rated at minus 50 degrees C (perfect for walking on Mars).

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