Product Review: Motorfist Rekon Jacket and Bibs

Published in the October 2010 Issue October 2010 Product Tests

MotorfistWe first introduced you to MotorFist, one of-if not the-newest snowmobile clothing manufacturers in the industry, in the January issue of SnoWest.

What we didn't tell you is that MotorFist provided a few of us here at the magazine with a jacket and bibs to try for the winter.

At the time they were MotorFist's only products: the Rekon jacket and Rekon bibs. So it was the Idaho Falls, ID-based company's first clothing items out of the chute and based on what we've tried, tested and felt so far, MotorFist is on the right track.

While the clothing appears to be what western riders want and are looking for, the clothing itself might not be the No. 1 selling point.

MotorFist has made a pretty big deal about the warranty it's offering on its snowmobile clothing, which would lead you to believe this company is pretty confident about its quality. MotorFist outerwear is made in small, quality-controlled batches and is guaranteed for the lifetime (or as the company says, "six foot under") of the registered owner or until he reaches 106 years of age, whichever comes first.

So will the Rekon jacket and bibs outlast us? After one season, it's so far, so good, and we are looking forward to many more seasons to come. Our guess is that the jacket and bibs will go "out of style" long before they wear out or fall apart.

Features on the Rekon jacket and bibs include a two-layer breathable snowmobile-specific fabric and a higher stitch count to keep all the material together. MotorFist uses 12-14 stitches per inch, compared to what the company says is the industry norm of 8-10. Then those stitched seams are fully taped, making them waterproof.

The jacket also offers a built-in iPod pouch with internal cord routing guides, "Lay Flat" cuffs, plenty of venting and an internal power cuff with thumb holes. The front zipper was also designed so that when you completely zip up the jacket, the zipper at the top is off to the side of your chin, not directly in front like most jackets.

As for the bibs, they feature a pre-bent curved knee design along with a claim of a "Super Dry Butt."

One of the SnowTest crew who tried the gear last winter had this to say, "There are three important factors to a good snowmobile suit. First, it must keep you warm and dry. Second, it has to allow you unrestricted movement. And third, it's nice if the suit is actually stylish and good-looking. The MotorFist suit provides all three, and with an edge of attitude, that makes it an outstanding snowmobile suit for western riding."

Another SnowTester agreed with the warm and dry claim. Although we never wore the jacket and bibs in sub-zero temps, we got pretty close a couple of times and were glad for the protection.

We've had (and still have hanging in our closet) heavy, bulky snowmobile jackets and bibs that, yes, keep us warm, but we get worn out from wearing clothes that weigh so much, especially the way we ride where we're standing, sitting, sidehilling-always moving. The Rekon jacket and bibs aren't heavy and allow for freedom of movement, which is a must in mountain riding.

Another rider we know who wore the Rekon jacket and bibs was equally as impressed as we were. He said, "I personally liked them. The fit was off but hopefully they have that fixed for this year. I never got wet. I never tore it. I liked the vents when open. The clothing didn't bind when riding. I stayed warm on the trail and couldn't feel the wind blowing through like on some other clothing."

While we had very few complaints about either the bibs or the jacket, there was one thing that was more annoying than anything. The internal power cuff with thumb hole on the left sleeve was really tight and by the end of the ride our thumb would be sore. The simple fix is we just didn't use the thumb hole and the problem was solved.

The jacket retails for $299 while the bibs are $320.

For more information contact MotorFist (877) FIST-411 or

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