Product Review: Ski-Doo Tunnel Bag, Riser Block Bag

Published in the September 2008 Issue September 2008 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog, Product Tests

These days, anytime you can find storage space on a snowmobile, particularly a Ski-Doo Summit Rev, we'll take it.

In Ski-Doo's effort to be the lightest mountain snowmobile on the snow, the trunk and any other storage space that might have been on the previous machines are long gone. That meant you either didn't take extra stuff with you or you carried it on your back or you found a way to attach it to your tunnel, which, according to our calculations on the longer track Ski-Doo sleds, that space amounts to about an acre. In other words, plenty of space for something.

Or the other option is to look at Ski-Doo's lineup of bags which have been designed for the tunnel and the handlebars, specifically the riser block.

After riding a season with a Tunnel Bag and a Riser Block Bag we like that option the best. Yes, we know it adds some weight, but we'd rather the weight be on the sled itself than on our back.

The Tunnel Bag features a patent-pending cleat and bag retaining system specifically designed for the Rev XP platform. All that means is it's not going to fall off because it attaches firmly to the tunnel. In fact, the Rev XP chassis has been pre-marked so you know exactly where to mount the bag. It's plenty big and can be adjusted to different sizes and has a capacity of 9.25 U.S. gallons.

The Riser Block Bag attaches to the riser block between the handlebars and where the steering post goes into the engine compartment. It features a 3W heated, insulated pocket where you can carry a cell phone, GPS or small camera. Its capacity is 1.8 U.S. gallons.


The ability to adjust the size of the Tunnel Bag is one of its best features. Often when we travel, we have to carry our big cameras and while we prefer to carry them in the pack on our backs, that leaves little room for anything else like extra goggles, gloves, water, food, etc. So, depending on what kind of ride we're going on, we can adjust the Tunnel Bag accordingly to fit any extra stuff we have. The pre-markings on the chassis are a nice touch, too.

The Riser Block Bag was the perfect spot for a camera-easy to pull out and snap a quick shot without slowing down the pace of a ride. It's also a perfect spot on those snowy days to keep a spare set of goggles. You can ride until one set has so much moisture that it's hard to see, then swap sets out and wear a nice, warm, dry pair while the other set dries out (remember that heat feature).



It's just kind of a bite that you have to pay for storage space these days on sleds.

How To Get A Hold Of A Ski-Doo Tunnel Bag and/or A Riser Block Bag

Contact your local Ski-Doo dealer. The Tunnel Bag retails for $99.99 while the Riser Block Bag retails for $59.99. 

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