Product Review: 509 Sinister Goggles

Published in the September 2008 Issue September 2008 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog, Product Tests

You know how it works. If you don't like something, you find something you do or you make your own.

"Make your own" was the direction the guys at 509 Films decided to take when they couldn't find a snowmobile goggle they liked. If anyone has seen any of the 509 movies, you know the boys know how to ride and push it to the limits. Apparently the goggles they were using weren't keeping up with their riding style.

So 509 Films has designed its own goggles, the Sinister Snowmobile Goggles.

That is goggles as in plural. There are four different frames and four different lenses to choose from, so potentially you could have eight different sets of goggles.

We tried the Skull Camo frame with the chrome lens. Regardless of which set you try, they all have the same features. Those include a custom 509 strap with triple silicone lining to keep the strap in place on your helmet, triple layer foam in the frame and a nifty hinged strap mount. The purpose of the hinged strap mount is to allow for a perfect seal when you put the goggles on, which should prevent any air leaks and ultimately fogging from moisture that might get in.

The frames are made of a custom polyurethane polymer blend that is very flexible but unbreakable. The venting system-14 vents in all-is designed to funnel air in and hot air (generated by your body) out. The lenses offer 100 percent UV protection and are impact resistant and shatterproof.

Sinister Goggles come with a lifetime manufacturer defect warranty, lifetime frame warranty, 12-month lens replacement warranty and 12-month strap replacement warranty.


Sinister Goggles are designed for snowmobilers by snowmobilers. That tells us we're not getting some leftovers from the ski industry. And pardon the expression, but Sinister Goggles are wicked-looking. They really do look cool-so cool you might have to upgrade your helmet if you buy a pair of these. We had the chrome lens in our frame and they did offer the low light definition 509 Films claims they do. That right there allows you to ride a little harder because you can actually see in flat light conditions. The goggles fit perfectly inside our open-face helmet and there weren't any air leaks. We do a lot of tree running and while we haven't yet tested this aspect of the frames or lens yet, the claim that the lens is shatterproof and the frame unbreakable and has anti-scratch paint would definitely be a highmark for us.



These are warmer-weather goggles. If you hold them up to the competition you'll see that the frame is smaller than some of their competitors and that means the Sinister Goggles don't cover as much of your face as other brands. That's not a big deal when the temps aren't brutally cold or while spring riding, but when it is cold, the goggles don't offer as much protection. There's also no place to mount nose-protector, another nice feature when it's cold.


How To Get A Hold Of Sinister Goggles

Contact 509 Films Sinister Goggles retail for $75. Extra lens is $15 each. 

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