who builds single sled decks


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Mar 11, 2018
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Jan 4, 2015
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The whole ramp the sled sits on. Lift up the back of the ramp and the whole thing rolls in. Slide it back out and back off the ramp and ride.

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Maybe my question wasn't clear.

Why kind of roller / wheel / apparatus do you use that rolls in the bed ? From the video, all I can see is a plywood, an angle iron on the bed extender and the truck bed. That doesn't slide so well, let alone roll ! haha


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Nov 1, 2008
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There looks to be some rollers right at the hitch support, and then some more right behind the skis (and under the plywood) that allow the whole "deck" to roll easily. LOVE the way it takes the weight off the tailgate!!

@Snowlover - would be nice to see a picture (or video) the underside of the plywood and other pictures of how you put this together. It looks VERY nice and super functional, and should not cost too much for one to build. Did you fabricate the hitch support yourself, or is it something one can purchase already built? Nice work . . BTW!!


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Feb 16, 2008
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I curious as to why you would bother building something to sit in the bed? Why not just use a ramp and load the sled into the bed of the truck? I get it if you have a silly little truck but the answer to that is to own a full sized truck... I have been hauling my sled in the bed for years and never felt the need to build a bunch of junk because I couldn't figure out how to just use a ramp. Even when I had the Raptor with the 5.5 ft bed I still didn't have any problem loading and hauling my sled without the need for an in bed sled deck. Just seems redundant.
I built a deck for my 8' bed several yrs ago.
Few reasons.
#1. Ramp easily pulls out and slides back under deck. No strapping it down or worrying about it rubbing against the sled.

#2. I still have a flat floor in my bed and the ramp is always available, stays in my truck yr round unless i put a camper in the bed.

#3. Zero scratches or dents in the bed floor from carbides because it is protected by the deck.

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Jul 7, 2001
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I’ll get pics. Ball bearing steel rollers salvaged from rollers in the floor of a semi trailer with pallet rolls. A roller on both sides of the homemade bed extender and 2 more under the plywood right under the skis. Tip it up and rollers on plywood come down just at end of bed and easily roll in the Channel shape of bed. Baby truck is a Dakota with a 5’6 bed so extender was required.

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